How can I make a reservation?

Dormitorio de Góriz

Reservations between the 15th of March and the 15th of October must be made online and at least two days in advance. Click on the button below to enter the Aragon reservation site for youth hostels and mountain huts [in Spanish, ‘Central de Reservas de Albergues y Refugios de Aragón] where you can check availability and make a reservation in just a few easy steps.


Call +34 974 34 12 01 to make last-minute reservations, WINTER RESERVATIONS, change or cancel reservations, or to ask for information.

What if the mountain hut is FULL?

If you do not have a reservation to sleep in the hut, you can bring your tent with you and camp nearby. However, note that the National Park regulations only allow overnight camping between sunset and sunrise. If you want to leave things, ask at hut reception about renting a locker.

If you camp outside but would like to dine and breakfast with us, simply show up at reception before 6 p.m. (supper is served at 7 p.m.) and reserve a place. We have limited catering facilities but you can be sure of getting at least one hot dish during serving hours.

Prices 2017

Members and associates over the age of 14
12,00 €
14,50 €
5,80 €
11,20 €
32,30 €
43,50 €
Non-members over the age of 14
17,00 €
17,50 €
6,30 €
12,20 €
40,80 €
53,00 €
Members and associates under the age of 14
5,90 €
14,50 €
5,80 €
11,20 €
26,20 €
37,40 €
Non-members under the age of 14
9,00 €
17,50 €
6,30 €
12,20 €
32,80 €
45,00 €

*MP [Half Board] = Overnight stay + Supper + Breakfast.

*PC [Full Board] = MP [Half Board] + picnic lunch

All prices are per person and night. All prices include Value Added Tax (VAT).

There are no discounts for groups.

There is a discount for guides providing they are acting as such and can provide full accreditation. The discount is the price of breakfast.

General terms

The reservation entails acceptance of the hut rules and timetables. At the Góriz Mountain Hut, supper is served at 7 p.m.

Guests sleep in shared dormitories at the Goríz hut and must use sheet/sleeping bags.

The menus are fixed — there is no à la carte option or choice of dishes. What you get is what you see on the plate!

Góriz is a high mountain hut and so can only be reached on foot. You must bear this in mind before making your reservation.

You should phone the hut if you wish to cancel a reservation.

Reservation Deposit

You must make a deposit to make a reservation. The deposit sum depends on the services you reserve.

Deposit refunds may be made under the following circumstances:

• A 100% refund if the reservation is cancelled at least 16 days before your planned stay. Any charges incurred in making the refund will be deducted.

• A 50% refund if the reservation is cancelled at least 16 days before your planned stay. Any charges incurred in making the refund will be deducted.

• No refund will be made if the reservation is cancelled within 5 days of your planned stay.

The whole of the deposit will be refunded in the case of force majeure. The hut manager decides what constitutes force majeure. If the person making the reservation wishes to appeal against the manager’s decision, he may write to the Aragonese Mountaineering Federation [Federación Aragonesa de Montañismo].